Direct Debit System

The Game-Changing Payment Platform by Ebryx Tech

Project Overview

Ebryx Tech provided end-to-end system development for a UAE-based financial services company. Their goal was to build a payment platform that would integrate with business applications and allow for recurring monthly payments such as rent, school fees, subscriptions, and utilities.

Client Information

The client, Direct Debit System, is a licensed bureau from the Central Bank of UAE. They enable and provide platforms to companies of all sizes to take recurring payments through their systems.

Key Challenges

The client needed a company that could provide end-to-end system solutions. They needed to develop a platform that could integrate with the Central Bank of UAE. There were strict compliance and quality requirements that needed to be met. Ebryx Tech was able to provide the necessary support and expertise to meet these requirements

Project Scope

Ebryx Tech provided complete system development, functionality verification, and maintenance of the recurring payments platform. The system provides businesses with more visibility over payments, saving them time on tasks such as payment reconciliation.

Solution Delivered

The solution developed by Ebryx Tech was a simple and convenient way to make recurring monthly payments, such as rent, school fees, subscriptions, and utilities. The direct debit marketplace has been established to provide residents and citizens of the UAE with a safe, legal alternative to make all their recurring payments in one place. The system is DESC (Dubai Electronic Security Center) compliant, with users’ data positioned safely behind government firewalls and systems, which are among the best in the world.

The marketplace also offers digital reconciliations for all Direct Debit payments, creating cost-time savings for participating merchants. It provides a sandbox environment to any merchant who wishes to test standardized APIs and integrate the DD module into their Accounting System or CRM.

” Ebryx Tech successfully delivered the project on time, meeting client’s expectations. They communicated and responded promptly via Skype, ensuring an effective workflow. Their excellent project management skills via Jira were a hallmark of their work. “

Founder & CEO, Direct Debit System

Technology Stack.

The Results

Ebryx Tech delivered a robust payment platform solution that integrated with the Central Bank of UAE and met all compliance and quality standards. The system is expected to help over 96% of monthly salaried people stay out of debt and budget their salaries better, by paying monthly and avoiding quarterly bulk cheques. The project has also received positive media attention, being featured in renowned news outlets such as Gulf News and Khaleej Times.

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