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Our Expertise

Web Application Pen Testing

At Ebryx Tech, we are passionate about ensuring the security of web applications. Our team conducts comprehensive testing to identify vulnerabilities and deliver robust security.

IoT/Hardware Pen Testing

With our cutting-edge expertise in IoT and hardware security, we go beyond the surface to uncover vulnerabilities and provide tailored solutions, backed by our competency for securing connected devices.

Mobile Application Pen Testing

Ebryx Tech’s mobile application testing services are driven by our commitment to protecting sensitive data. Our skilled team conducts thorough testing to ensure flawless performance and rock-solid security.

Desktop Application Pen Testing

We take pride in our meticulous approach to desktop application security. Our expert pen testers execute thorough penetration testing to uncover weaknesses and provide effective security measures.

Network Pen Testing

At Ebryx Tech, we love delving into the complexities of network security. Leveraging diligent network infrastructure testing, we uncover vulnerabilities and strengthen your network defences.

Blockchain Pen Testing

We are at the forefront of blockchain security. Our experts conduct in-depth pen testing to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of your blockchain network.

Our Process

We provide 360-degree support at every stage


During the planning phase, we begin by defining the type of intruder, whether internal or external, and understanding their rights and privileges. We also set goals, gather source data, establish the scope of work, and identify testing targets. Determining the scope of the target environment is crucial to ensure accurate testing. We then develop a testing methodology and establish interaction and communication procedures to ensure a smooth process


In the testing phase, we conduct fieldwork to identify services and gather necessary information. We may also develop custom scanning or intrusion tools if required. Our experts then identify vulnerabilities and eliminate false positives to ensure accurate results. Next, we exploit the identified vulnerabilities to gain unauthorized access, and utilize compromised systems as a springboard for further intrusion, simulating real-world attack scenarios.


After conducting the testing phase, we analyze the results and provide comprehensive reports with recommendations for reducing risks. We also provide insights of the potential damage that can be inflicted by intruders on the system, helping you understand the severity of the vulnerabilities. Additionally, we offer optional services to eliminate the detected vulnerabilities, providing a comprehensive approach to enhance the security of your system.

Why Ebryx Tech

We follow a highly adaptive approach. When pursuing specialized business objectives, we examine our initial assumptions and look for the right questions to ask. We’ve decade-long experience, expertise and skills for designing, developing and deploying the smartest solutions for the world’s leading companies.


We hold a Level 3 CMMI certification. Our teams are committed to delivering high-quality services on time, with complete visibility on intermediary milestones via bimonthly releases.

Hire Talent From Top 3%

Our staff augmentation model offers you the opportunity to onboard the finest talent, representing the top 3% of industry professionals. Benefit from their vast experience and seamless integration into your SDLC.


Our project management and technology consultants can assist you in setting up a cost-effective team structure that is ideal for your needs and budget if you are just getting started

Performance Focused

Experienced project managers provide assistance and oversight to all of our external engineers without charging any additional fees

Cybersecurity Expertise

Our R&D services power some of the world’s leading cybersecurity products in the network security, insider threat detection, and authentication domains. We have created various patents for our clients and have discovered novel malware.
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