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According to Industry Experts

Around 60% of healthcare organizations have embraced the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) in their operations

Our Expertise

EHR & EMR Software Development

Build secure and compliant EHR systems with e-prescribing, clinical support, and regulatory adherence.

Telemedicine App Development

Create user-friendly apps for remote patient monitoring, online scheduling, bill payments, and virtual healthcare communities.

Custom Software Development

Develop software for diagnostics, remote monitoring, medical equipment integration, and medical imaging systems.

HealthTech Consulting

Expert guidance for digital transformation, compliance, practice management, revenue cycle, and cybersecurity in healthcare.

IoT Solutions

Enable connectivity with IoMT devices, implement smart hospitals, analyze real-time data, and support medical research.

BI in Healthcare

Manage healthcare data, implement BI solutions, establish data platforms, and drive analytics for informed decision-making.

Our Work

Biomedical Applications

Our team excels in developing advanced solutions for biomedical applications. The state-of-the-art application built for a client includes the following key features:

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    Simulation and modeling of Electromyography signals with real-world anomaly artifacts
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    Time series anomaly detection system for biomedical signals using semi-supervised and unsupervised machine learning approaches
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    Temporal prediction of abdominal aortic aneurysm using CT scan images, Gaussian process regression, implicit surface modeling, and dynamic system modeling.

Tools & Technologies

Why Ebryx Tech

We follow a highly adaptive approach. When pursuing specialized business objectives, we examine our initial assumptions and look for the right questions to ask. We’ve decade-long experience, expertise and skills for designing, developing and deploying the smartest solutions for the world’s leading companies.


We hold a Level 3 CMMI certification. Our teams are committed to delivering high-quality services on time, with complete visibility on intermediary milestones via bimonthly releases.

Hire Talent From Top 3%

Our staff augmentation model offers you the opportunity to onboard the finest talent, representing the top 3% of industry professionals. Benefit from their vast experience and seamless integration into your SDLC.


Our project management and technology consultants can assist you in setting up a cost-effective team structure that is ideal for your needs and budget if you are just getting started

Performance Focused

Experienced project managers provide assistance and oversight to all of our external engineers without charging any additional fees

Cybersecurity Expertise

Our R&D services power some of the world’s leading cybersecurity products in the network security, insider threat detection, and authentication domains. We have created various patents for our clients and have discovered novel malware.
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