Our Portfolio

Ebryx specializes in engineering tech products and developing custom enterprise solutions. Our engineering talent has fueled innovation at several leading start-ups and Fortune 500 companies. From our roots in Silicon Valley we have extended our reach to clients across North America, Europe, Australia and Asia.


Big Data, Data Science, Real-Time Analytics, Geospatial Analytics

Real-time analytics for mobile networks fault and performance data. Big data stack for collecting network security events and performing analytics. Geospatial analytics for geocoding and Named Entity Recognition for place and business data obtained from multiple online sources. A data pipeline for location-based data analytics platform for advertisers based on big data ingestion, export pipelines and data analytics.

Identity and Access Management

Multi-factor authentication solution based on password-less strong biometric, public cryptography, and FIDO standards-based authentication for web, mobile and desktop applications.

Cloud, Network and Endpoint Security

Product development, malware analysis, testing, test automation, and forward-looking research for network, cloud and endpoint security products.

Video Analytics

Vigilyx – a video analytics Al platform which helps understand human behavior and engagement in physical environments generating valuable knowledge for better services and optimizing resources.

Secure Engineering Services

Ebryx with its proven expertise in secure software development practices helped a world-leading game developer company in creating secure software applications and significantly increased the security posture of existing applications. This was achieved by using best practices for app architecture, secure coding practices, implementing custom policies, and integration with a secrets vault service. 

Location-Based Technologies and Application

Mobile application for fast access to place, event, deals and other information of interest in a user’s vicinity or location of interest. Gesture-based information retrieval. Aggregation of data from multiple sources.  Wifi and Bluetooth based indoor positioning and navigation based on Realtime conditions

Financial Applications

Direct Debit System, a cloud based system for automating direct debit transactions. The service allows participating banks and merchants to offer consumers. a convenient way to manage payments and purchases. This service facilitates the payment of utility bills, school fees, loan repayments, and more.

Advertising and Marketing Technology

Front-end and back-end development for a digital marketing hub for a leading Gartner Magic Quadrant Digital Marketing Hub company. Several mobile applications for customer rewards. multimedia advertising and location based advertising.

Enterprise Applications

A cloud-based B2B logistics platform for managing large international supply chains, intended for ocean freight companies, primarily commodity traders, food suppliers, and consumer goods companies. Cloud-based platform for exchange of calls between call centers selling complementary products. Innovative telephony solution. Sole engineering team for a Red Herring Global 100 company that also won the Digital Marketing Association’s People’s Choice Innovation Award.

Recruitment Applications

Engineering services for world’s largest global employment website. Mobile and web-based recruitment platform for healthcare practitioners in the United Kingdom, enabling recruitment agencies to match doctors to open positions in hospitals based on their credentials and availability, significantly reducing delays in the recruitment process.

Embedded Systems and Hardware Design

FPGA design. Developing test-benches for DSP processor verification. Hardware and software for automated control of lightening and electrical appliances in hotels.

Consumer Mobile and Web Apps

E-Commerce application for beverage company with social networking features. Mobile applications for edutainment: math games, word puzzles. Mobile and web app for sharing personal music recordings. Neighborhood social networking application. Utility applications: video editing, fast camera, mirror applications. 

Telecom and Telephony

VoIP and TDM call processing and switching solutions. IVR solutions. Cloud Telephony. VoIP recording and streaming. Mobile networking (GSM, LTE) signal elements GMLC, SMLC. Mobile user positioning. Intelligent fault and performance management of long-haul fiber optic network for telcos.

Healthcare Applications

Mobile and web-based telehealth solution for patients in the United Kingdom, enabling appointment setting, remote diagnosis over video call and issuing prescriptions online. 

Enterprise Mobility

Mobile-enabling the sales force of leading beverage companies. Mobile access to product catalogs and pricing. Integration with back-office systems.

Desktop Applications

Gaming hardware configuration through Windows Desktop

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