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According to Industry Experts

The rise of social media and video-sharing platforms has led to an increasing demand for mobile multimedia content.

Our Expertise

High-Performance Streaming

We build streaming software that can handle anything. Our expert developers optimize workloads to ensure high-load and speedy performance. Whether you’re facing high traffic spikes or database load, our software is bulletproof.

Security and Protection

We implement security best practices to keep your media content secure. Our software complies with security standards like PCI-DSS, PA-DSS, and SOX, protecting both your monetary transactions and customer payments.

Seamless Content Delivery

We make sure your content gets delivered to any device or bandwidth with ease. Our developers use top-notch encoding and transcoding tools ensuring compatibility with all necessary media streaming standards.

Multichannel Distribution

Expand your audience with multichannel and omnichannel distribution. Our software development allows you to distribute content across various channels, including media streaming devices, IoT endpoints, and more.

Advanced Video Streaming

We’re experts in video streaming solutions. From virtual sets to web streams and multi-camera operations, we’ve got you covered. Our software is based on high latency protocols guaranteeing fast and high-quality streaming of your content.

Audio and Music Streaming

If you’re looking to create a music streaming app, music store, or music storage software, our experts can help. We specialize in implementing advanced features to ensure our software development meets your specific business needs.

Our Work

Mobile Social Network App for Multimedia Content Creation

One example of our work is a social network application that allows users to record videos with their mobile devices and apply various audio effects to their recordings. With a focus on delivering a seamless and intuitive user experience, following are the notable features:

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    Record and edit videos with mobile devices
  • check-mark
    Apply various audio effects to videos
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    Integration with popular social media platforms for easy sharing
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    Allow followers to like and comment on videos
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    Discover and follow other users and their multimedia content
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    Real-time notifications for user interactions

iOS Music App for Enhanced Listening and Sharing

Ebryx Tech developed an iOS Music app, a feature-packed application designed to elevate users’ music experience. Here are some of the key features that make our app stand out:

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    Voice overlay on music
  • check-mark
    Audio and video effects
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    Soundcloud integration
  • check-mark
    Social media platform integration
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    Optimized for phone and tablet use

Advanced iOS Video Editing App with Collaborative Features

We built an iOS Video Editing app to provide exceptional video editing experience, with a range of advanced features for collaborative recording and editing. Exciting features of the app include:

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    Collaborative video recording and editing in real-time
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    LAN and internet connectivity for multi-user collaboration
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    Mobile camera video streaming to connected nodes
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    Professional-grade video editing features
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    Advanced video effects, transitions, and color grading

Tools & Technologies

  • MySQL
  • core
  • C#
  • .NET Core

Why Ebryx Tech

We follow a highly adaptive approach. When pursuing specialized business objectives, we examine our initial assumptions and look for the right questions to ask. We’ve decade-long experience, expertise and skills for designing, developing and deploying the smartest solutions for the world’s leading companies.


We hold a Level 3 CMMI certification. Our teams are committed to delivering high-quality services on time, with complete visibility on intermediary milestones via bimonthly releases.

Hire Talent From Top 3%

Our staff augmentation model offers you the opportunity to onboard the finest talent, representing the top 3% of industry professionals. Benefit from their vast experience and seamless integration into your SDLC.


Our project management and technology consultants can assist you in setting up a cost-effective team structure that is ideal for your needs and budget if you are just getting started

Performance Focused

Experienced project managers provide assistance and oversight to all of our external engineers without charging any additional fees

Cybersecurity Expertise

Our R&D services power some of the world’s leading cybersecurity products in the network security, insider threat detection, and authentication domains. We have created various patents for our clients and have discovered novel malware.
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