Case Studies

From vision to reality: how we helped our clients achieve digital transformation

Troubleshooting Router Management

This project was aimed at developing a module to execute security tests on
remote and interoperating devices. Working alongside our client, Ebryx Tech
encountered reliability issues with the initial development team. However, we
overcame these challenges by implementing innovative remote testing
procedures paired with a set guard of security practices, such as penetration
testing and exploit testing, utilizing tools like Metasploit.

Customized FinTech Payment Platform

Ebryx Tech provided end-to-end system development for a UAE-based financial services company. Their goal was to build a payment platform that would integrate with business applications and allow for recurring monthly payments such as rent, school fees, subscriptions, and utilities.

AdTech's Evolution in Customer Engagement

Harnessing the power of cloud-based architecture, the platform aimed to ensure that the right product reaches the right customers through the most effective engagement channels. At its core, the platform introduced a pioneering partnership marketing concept, channeling billions of customer interactions into revenue-generating avenues. The platform empowered brands to form synergistic alliances, offering customers timely and relevant product offers delivered through preferred communication channels – be it phone, email, or text.

AdTech through Cutting-Edge Data Engineering

Our collaborative efforts delved into the dynamic landscape of AdTech, giving rise to an ambitious endeavor a data engineering marvel strategically positioned to revolutionize the acquisition, processing, and display of user data within advertising enterprises. This canvas of collaboration extended far beyond the surface, probing deep into layers of:


Core Banking Application by Ebryx Tech

Ebryx Tech’s latest feat is the creation of a robust Core Banking Application, a pivotal financial software solution designed for real-time transactions and seamless inter-banking transfers. This application ingeniously utilizes America’s payment rails, the backbone of the financial industry, to facilitate the smooth movement of funds.


Innovative UAE into a Global Beauty Service Platform

A prominent IT company based in the UAE sought to revolutionize the beauty industry. With a vision to seamlessly deliver beauty services to doorsteps, the client approached us with an innovative startup idea and its unique challenges. They were determined to reshape their initial missteps.

Streamlining Warehouse Operations: A Logistics System Upgrade

The existing system of US based Logistics Service Provider encountered performance and bug issues that resulted in inefficiencies and delays. Ebryx Tech updated the system with the latest technology stack, streamlined manual processes, and enhanced user experience. Learn more about how Ebryx Tech helped this client save time and cut costs in their warehouse operations.

eCommerce platform/marketplace for beauticians

An eCommerce platform/marketplace for beauticians that connects both clients and service providers. It has an elaborate admin web portal that lets the organization manage functions such as on-boarding process, billing/refunds, reporting, user management etc. Clients and service providers can access the platform using both web and mobile apps.


Android Application For Hearing Impaired Individuals

An application for hearing impaired people. The main use case of the application was to let such a person enable and view closed captions on the device (mobile/desktop) for multimedia contents being played on the device or capture ambient audio and display closed captions on the screen. 


Recruitment Application

A recruitment platform that helped recruitment agencies to quickly approach the right set of candidates when a job is posted by an employer. It fully automates the workflow of matching the candidates with relevant jobs.


Parental Control Application

Lets users collect history and statistics related to usage of the applications. Usage data is aggregated into time intervals: days, weeks, months, and years. 


Sports Events Management Application

This application makes it easy to follow all SGV Tournaments. You can track your team’s schedule, view standings all the way to the Championship game.


Audio Streaming Social Network App

A social network application that allows users to record video with their mobile device, post process with various audio effects, then publish it on the social network, while allowing followers to like or comment on it


Web Based Dote Project Application

A web scraping project for a mobile app related to clothing/fashion industry. We wrote couple of scrapers to grab data from different online stores and save them into database.


Logistics App Development

A Windows 10 application used by a large logistics company. This application is used for resource management, tasks assignments, wages and reporting.


Threat Intel Feed Platform

A threat intel feed (TIF) generation and aggregation platform hosted on the cloud.


Multi Factor Authentication Solution

A Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) solution based on FIDO UAF specifications. Developed on iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac on agent / client side and in Java on the server side. 


Data engineering and web application development

An ad-tech platform for collecting, processing and displaying user data to advertising companies. This is a big data platform for ingesting large scale user data. The data once ingested is then processed to calculate analytics. Visualization layer to display various reports.


Web front-end and backend development

An ad marketplace for small and mid-sized advertisers and agencies.


End to end system development, functionality verification of developed system and maintenance 

Ebryx Tech provided end-to-end system development, functionality verification of the developed system, and maintenance of Direct Debit Systems. Direct Debit System is a recurring payments platform that integrates with the application businesses every day, giving businesses more visibility over payments and saving them huge amounts of time on tasks like payment reconciliation.


Secrets Vault Service For Largest Game Company

A multiplatform SDK for the EA’s internal secrets vaulting service. This internal service is used to safeguard secrets in programmatic workflows.


Performance Testing

As performance tester we have worked developed and executed performance test plans for various products of theirs using Jmeter and Blazemeter


Quality Assurance of APIs

System and database designing, development, optimizing, Functional testing, Performance testing of developed APIs, deployment, source code management, scheduling backup plans, and continuous support for updates and new modules.


QA Testing Performance Testing

Stress test the application to identify the maximum operating capacity of the application as well as any bottlenecks and determine which element is causing degradation


Web Threat Protection (WTP)

Web Threat Protection is a product built from ground up for providing secure web traffic gateway for enterprises. Designed to be multi-­tenant solution for deployment in multi-­cluster and multi-­regional data centers. Had multiple web proxy access points around the globe to cater the need for web traffic routing. Product handled all logs and data routing to centralized data centers for storage and analysis. Web portal was present to give administrators insight into web statistics and threat alerts.


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