From Conception to Conversion:

AdTech’s Evolution in Customer Engagement

Project Overview

Harnessing the power of cloud-based architecture, the platform aimed to ensure that the right product reaches the right customers through the most effective engagement channels. At its core, the platform introduced a pioneering partnership marketing concept, channeling billions of customer interactions into revenue-generating avenues. The platform empowered brands to form synergistic alliances, offering customers timely and relevant product offers delivered through preferred communication channels – be it phone, email, or text.

The nucleus of our collaborative project lay in shaping a sophisticated AdTech ecosystem, aligning with the startup’s vision of transforming customer interactions into revenue opportunities. At its core, the AdTech platform encompasses:

  • Web server
  • Telephony server
  • Database server
  • Data storage
  • Email server

Client Information

In the bustling heart of Silicon Valley, a duo of visionary entrepreneurs embarked on a journey in 2008 to reshape the landscape of customer engagement. Fueled by a daring startup idea, they aspired to revolutionize the way brands connect with their customers, turning interactions into revenue-generating opportunities

Challenges Faced by the Client

As their budding concept took shape, the entrepreneurs grappled with uncertainties regarding practicality and potential for further development. Seeking to validate their idea, they required a partner to undertake a proof-of-concept exercise and subsequently craft a tailored application aligned with their precise requirements. The project’s scope encompassed not only technical execution but also a deep-rooted engagement to fully realize their entrepreneurial dream.

Following is the detail of associated challenges in this respect:

Scope Clarification

The role of the scrum master extended to that of a “local product owner”, ensuring meticulous clarity in scope and objectives.

Technology and Tools Selection

Our team had to overcome a technically adept product owner’s skepticism regarding technology and tools choices.


Safeguarding the application’s integrity as a web-based entity needed to be prioritized to ensure robust protection against potential vulnerabilities.

Migration and Deployment

Intricacies in migrating from Colo to AWS cloud had to be overcome, and transitioning repositories from SVN to Git for seamless on-site deployment had to be ensured.

Why the Client Chose Ebryx Tech

In their quest for the ideal collaborator, the entrepreneurs discovered Ebryx Tech through various channels. What set Ebryx Tech apart was its leadership’s impressive track record of over 25 years in telecommunications. The match between the client’s innovative aspirations and Ebryx Tech’s expertise became evident, propelling them towards a partnership that held the promise of transformative results.

How Ebryx Tech Responded

Ebryx Tech first thoroughly reviewed and understood the existing system and business rules. After completing the analysis, the team began developing the system using an iterative and incremental process. The team presented a comprehensive migration plan after completing the core features and implemented it. The legacy system was ready for the move.

The solution included the following components in detail:

Early Validation

Ebryx Tech was an integral part of the pre-incorporation validation process, lending technical validation to the concept. – Technical Requirement Specification: Ebryx Tech collaborated with the Product Owner to develop comprehensive technical requirement specifications.

End-to-End Development

Spanning designing, development, optimization, testing, deployment, and ongoing support, Ebryx Tech was immersed in every facet of the project.

Continuous Communication

Regular progress updates were maintained through Jira-driven product backlogs, weekly status emails, and bi-weekly standup sessions.

Performance Enhancement

This was achieved through rigorous automated testing, optimized web server, telephony server, and database performance.

Cloud Migration

Migrating infrastructure to AWS cloud and transitioning repositories to Git facilitated agile deployment.

Security Focus

Ebryx Tech employed tools like BurpSuite to conduct comprehensive security testing, aligning with Salesforce’s stringent security requisites.

Streamlined Deployment

The team’s automation reduced deployment time from a staggering 36 hours to an impressive under 5 minutes.

” They were helpful in providing almost all the deliverables on time. “

CTO, System Integration Company

The Results

Deployment Efficiency: The migration to AWS cloud and streamlined deployment processes slashed deployment time from an arduous 36 hours to under 5 minutes.

Robust Security: Rigorous security testing resulted in a flawless application, ensuring zero security breaches post-deployment, safeguarding customer data and preserving brand trust.

Interactive User Experience: The AdTech-infused application was fully realized, harnessing the potential of cloud-based architecture to provide a dynamic and responsive user experience.

This project is a testament to collaboration, innovation, and commitment to turning a startup dream into a tangible, market-ready reality. If you’re embarking on a similar journey, let’s connect and explore how Ebryx Tech can reshape your business landscape.

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