Pioneering the Future of AdTech

Through Cutting-Edge Data Engineering

Project Overview

Our collaborative efforts delved into the dynamic landscape of AdTech, giving rise to an ambitious endeavor a data engineering marvel strategically positioned to revolutionize the acquisition, processing, and display of user data within advertising enterprises. This canvas of collaboration extended far beyond the surface, probing deep into layers of:

Data Ingestion: This is a robust AdTech platform built to seamlessly absorb vast volumes of user data from a myriad of sources.

Data Processing: To derive insightful analytics, a deluge of data needs to be navigated to empower data-driven decision-making.

Visualization Layer: A sophisticated stratum dedicated to crafting comprehensive reports, converting raw data into coherent narratives.

Client Information

The client operates at the forefront of data-driven advertising, collecting data from diverse sources to bolster advertisers and corporations. Their expertise lies in independent identity resolution, providing solutions for data enrichment and activation. With a trusted reputation among enterprise data leaders, the client specializes in crafting privacy-centric solutions that empower businesses to achieve their addressability goals.

Use Cases

Our solution was geared towards addressing key use cases

Data Retrieval

Disparate data sources were unified into a cohesive repository, eliminating redundancy, and fine-tuning data to engage target audiences effectively

Data Enhancement

Data quality is elevated through enrichment, and it ensures resonance with end-users.

Key Challenges

Within the scope of this project, data-driven innovation presented numerous challenges. Integrating true data presented a complex puzzle, with over 100 services within AWS Spark. A technology mix of Java, Scala, Python, and an AWS infrastructure posed robust demands. The expansive data landscape brought about multifaceted hurdles

Data Magnitude

Coping with an influx of data measured in terabytes required a robust technological arsenal.

Data Complexity

Navigating monthly and daily reports within this expansive ecosystem added layers of complexity.

Scaling Barriers

The monumental scale of data posed significant scalability challenges, calling for innovative solutions.

Optimization Quest

Optimal data partitioning needed to be ensured through Apache Camel and transitioned to Spark-based solutions to enhance efficiency.

Massive Ingestion

Handling a staggering daily ingestion of 2TB marked a significant technical milestone.

Why the Client Chose Ebryx Tech

In their quest for an engineering partner, the client discovered us through a multitude of avenues. Amidst the competition, our extensive experience and unwavering commitment to excellence stood out. Ultimately, our alignment with their data-centric vision and our dedication to delivering exceptional results sealed the deal, making us their chosen collaborators.

How Ebryx Tech Responded

Our endeavor led us to create a custom data engineering platform, harnessing the potential of diverse data sources to process extensive data streams and unveil practical insights. This accomplishment was fueled by a strategic blend of:

The solution included the following components in detail:

Continual Development

A constant influx of innovation introduced new features, including exposing data as APIs through Rest APIs and GraphQL.

Data Accessibility

An avenue was created for programmatic data access through the development of efficient APIs.

Optimized Pipelines

An avenue was created for programmatic data access through the development of efficient APIs.

Robust Monitoring

An unwavering focus on pipeline monitoring ensured seamless data delivery to an array of clients.

” They were helpful in providing almost all the deliverables on time. “

CTO, System Integration Company

The Results

Our collaboration produced transformative outcomes.

  • A robust and scalable data engineering platform that conquered data challenges at scale
  • A seamless path for data access and programmatic data exchange
  • A fortified data ecosystem that resonated with clients and presented actionable insights
  • Impressive growth in targetable deterministic segments, enhancing precision in reaching desired audiences
  • A significant number of users seamlessly mapped to anonymized digital identities, ensuring comprehensive coverage
  • Seamless integration with over 100 MarTech platforms, streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency


This journey demonstrated our steadfast focus on engineering precision, yielding a solution that empowered the client’s AdTech capabilities and positioned them as pioneers in the realm of data-driven success. Eager to transform your data endeavors into triumphs? Connect with us today to explore tailored solutions for your unique needs.

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